Cryogenics is an effective solution for industrial cleaning. Its mechanical projection and thermal effect make it one of the best blasting methods, and unlike sandblasting and airbrushing, it does not damage any surface.

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Our expertise
serving the Antilles

Our team does its utmost to offer you solutions in terms of cleanliness and indoor air quality, to optimize your living conditions and your health.

Puroxus is involved in industrial dry ice blasting and air treatment, using cutting-edge technologies to solve a wide range of problems in a variety of sectors.

What we offer


Our aim is to provide you with the solution best suited to your needs, by carrying out precise and unequivocal diagnoses.


Our team will work with you to provide 360-degree support for our services.


Safety procedures during our interventions are rigorously implemented for your health.


Puroxus’ mission is to offer innovative solutions to the French West Indies in order to contribute to their development and independence.


Our solutions offer the very best in air treatment, industrial cleaning and dry ice preservation.


Our agents remain fully available for their customers to guarantee the best possible follow-up and professional support.

Our commitments

Our staff make it a point of honor to provide you with top-quality interventions and services.
Our multi-disciplinary expertise enables us to offer you complementary solutions for air quality and your living spaces.

At Puroxus, our commitments are constantly evolving, with the aim of contributing to the development of overseas territories and the well-being of their inhabitants.

For these reasons, our agents are determined to actively respect these commitments, and to pass on our company’s values to our customers.

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